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Use machine learning to accurately transcribe medical terminologies from a various physician-patient conversation audio files

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Transcribe different type of medical audio easily

Physician-Patient Conversations

Real-time transcription of conversations between a physician and a patient.

Clinical Documentation

Help to make the clinical documentation accurate and complete.

Medical Audio Transcribe Results

Results of Medical Audio Transcription in just a few seconds.

24/7 Access from Anywere

Regardless of where you are, you will be able to access 24/7 CloudTransMedical.

Various Use Cases

Applicable to various medical conversations

3 January 2022
Primary Care Transcripts
Provide transcription services for primary care services including prevention, wellness, and common illness treatment in real time or recorded audio.
31 August 2021
Specialty Care Transcripts
Capabilities to transcribe specialty care medical speech to text easily and accurately.
5 September 2021
Medical Pediatric Notes
Use cloud AI technology to accurately transcribe pediatrics notes.
Medical Speech to Text Benefits

Enjoy the full flexibility of the platform with ton of features

Speaker Identification

Multiple Speaker Identified by AI Technology.

Up 4 Hour of Audio Files

Long duration audio files transcription capabilities.

Various Audio Formats

WAV, MP3, MP4, Ogg, WebM, FLAC, and AMR are all supported.

Support for US English

The US English language is supported by CloudTransMedical.

Download Transcripts Easily

You can download transcript results. With just one click.

Identify up to 7 Speakers

Using artificial intelligence, up to seven speakers of medical speech can be identified.

Group by Patient and Case Names

Organize the groups based on the names of the patients and cases.

Great Customer Support

We provide excellent customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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